Bridging inspiring Triple A-Toolkit miles in REACHOUT City Hub Gdynia 

REACHOUT General Assembly 19-21st of June in City Hub Gdynia 

Ad Jeuken, Deltares: ‘We should now really bridge the last mile in delivering the climate services.’

Hasse Goosen, Climate Adaptation Services: ‘All blocks are starting to fall in place for the Triple-A Toolkit and we are very proud of it. We are entering the phase to make it more concrete and create our legacy.’

The REACHOUT-consortium gathered in City Hub Gdynia in Poland for the annual meeting from 19 till 21 June 2024 with a full and engaging program. Since the project is in its final year, the main focus was on activities that can increase the outreach and sustainability of the project. We aim to inspire other European cities to climate proof their cities using REACHOUT tools and lessons learned. Presentations, co-creation lounges, workshops, breakout sessions and updates from our partners, toolmakers and our 7 city hubs in their different & non-lineair adaptation journeys towards a more resilient future were held. All cities updated on the different stages of the A’s in our Triple-A Toolkit and the use of the tools. The connection with other cities once again proved to be very valuable in this project. Experiences were shared, interviews were held and various topics were covered involving learning programs, climate services, climate stories and tools from our Triple-A Toolkit. On the agenda were inspiring Demonstrators on how to use our tools based on key learnings of the cities and integrate their use to meet urban design challenges with nature-based solutions. Also included were insights from the financial sector where climate services are not so common yet. It is now all about bridging the last mile in delivering the climate services and solidifying our legacy as the REACHOUT project moves on towards finalizing in 2025.

Want to know more about out our results, policy briefs and deliverables? Check out this page.

What some of our REACHOUT City Hubs said!

Simone Nardicchia, Milano: ‘We use the Thermal Assessment Tool for a heatwave scenario and heat risk for Milano. The Thermal Assessment Tool will be used with the SVI Tool for greening intervention. We are exploring and maximising the tools.’

Elena Garrido, Logroño : ‘It is important to first identify the critical areas for heat and floods and identify the strategy after the analysis. Following the Triple-A can be a solution. Focus on heat waves solutions with green areas and create a network of parks like a green ring.’

Thijs Endendijk, Amsterdam-APG: ‘We want to tag the financial sector along to standardize climate assessment for adaptation analysis. We are bridging the gap for the financial sector where climate services are not so common.’

Barbara Tołłoczko-Suchańska, Gdynia: ‘In Gdynia we started with the ambition phase and we managed to implement it and tailor it to our needs with the CRC-Tool. We noticed we needed to take a step back and wanted to assess our strong points. The Triple-A Toolkit is not so linear, sometimes you need to take a step back and reflect and assess. All phases are connected and not separate.’

Sophia Papageorgiou, Athens: ‘Our climate story map will help the city raise awareness of its citizens, but also policy makers on the severity of extreme heat which is an increasing threat due to climate change. It will also inform on what the city is planning and doing in addressing the extreme heat impact. Finally it informs the citizens on what the city is doing to protect them during an extreme heat event.’

For more info on the GA also read Sophie van der Horst’s, Climate Adaptation Services summary!


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The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction