Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) is a not-for-profit organization that provides products and services to anticipate the impacts of climate change. These include offering insight into local climate change impacts, risks and vulnerabilities as well as offering the methods and tools for establishing climate-proof areas, sectors and communities. By integrating data and knowledge and developing tools and visualizations, CAS translates climate information into common language for end-users. The starting point is ‘keep it simple’: focus on the information that the local official, water expert, adviser or other professional can work with.

CAS was founded within the context of the Dutch national research program ‘Knowledge for Climate’ (2008-2014) and builds on the knowledge and experiences gained from this program. Since 2012, CAS acts independently and has extended its activities worldwide. As such, CAS coordinates the Dutch national Climate Impact Atlas (, the Dutch Climate Damage Atlas ( and the Knowledge Portal for Spatial Adaptation ( Through this platform, CAS supports Dutch local governments in adapting to climate change, reaching out to more than 800 users per day. CAS has developed interactive climate impact atlases and story maps for European, Asian and African cities, in for example Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, South Africa, the Philippines, Vietnam and Western Africa. Our main international activities include: 

  • Climate Risk Assessments: user-centred and co-developed products bridging the gap from hazards to risk; 
  • Capacity building: online courses and workshops that help climate-proof the world; 
  • Climate Impact Atlases: tailored products developed with experts giving state-of-the art, actionable information.


CAS is the co-lead of Deltares within REACHOUT and will be mainly responsible for the work package on service delivery 

The Team

Jan-Willem Anker

Communication officer and language expert. At CAS he writes news articles and informative texts about climate adaptation, conducts interviews and creates social media content for the Dutch national Knowledge Portal for Climate Adaptation



Sophie van der Horst

Sophie van der Horst (Msc) (F) is advisor at CAS and works with climate data and visualizations. Sophie studied climate studies at Wageningen University where she focused on the physical climate…

Marit Heinen

Marit Heinen (Msc) (F) manages and contributes to different climate adaptation projects with the main focus of translating scientific knowledge into usable information for policymakers. She has been involved in the development of the Climate Impact

Hasse Goosen

Hasse Goosen (PhD)(M) is the founder and director of Climate Adaptation Services. Hasse has been the architect of the tools which reach out to hundreds of unique users per day. Hasse supported numerous cities in the Netherlands and internationally.

Felix van Veldhoven

Felix van Veldhoven (MA)(M) is an international climate adaptation expert, who specializes in bridging the gap between climate science and adaptation action. With a background in urban geography & planning, he uses his skills in data visualization and geo-information

Eva Boon

Eva Boon (Msc)(F) is advisor and researcher at CAS and focusses on the co-production of methods and tools with users in the field of climate services for adaptive delta management and urban adaptation. Eva combines working in CAS projects with a PhD…

Not available yet

The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction