Efrén Feliú




To which areas of REACHOUT will you contribute?

Logroño city-hub liason

What are your hopes/goals for REACHOUT?

To support the definition of visions/ambitions of city-hubs in regard to climate change adaptation


Efren Feliu (Senior Scientist) (M):He holds a Building Engineering Degree as well as different postgraduates including spatial planning and territorial development. Has a relevant professional background in consultancy and capacity development for public administrations and utilities, specially focused in the fields of local sustainability, spatial planning, climate adaptation and resilience. Worked in Central America for over 4 years and is involved in international and European initiatives for more than 18 years. He is currently Climate Change Manager at the Energy and Environment Division of Tecnalia, coordinating applied research projects for the development of Decision Support Systems in the fields of sustainable spatial development,nature-based solutions, regional-urban resilience and sectoral climate change adaptation. Has a long trajectory using climate projections data in climate proofing analysis. Is actively involved in ISO Working Groups for the norms under development relatedto Climate Adaptation Framework (ISO 14090 and 14092) as well as Climate and risks Analysis (ISO 14091).