Jorge Paz




To which areas of REACHOUT will you contribute?

Flood area and Data management Plan

What are your hopes/goals for REACHOUT?

To improve cities thanks to the information we have about climate change


Jorge Paz works as Senior researcher at Tecnalia. He focuses on the analysis of climate change, associated impacts, the definition of adaptation measures and assessing their costs and benefits. His career in this field has focused on assisting the generation of adaptive policies, participating in the definition of various strategies and plans for different levels of government (local, regional, etc.) and adaptation pathways for infrastructures. Also noteworthy is his participation in the vulnerability analysis of assets and the study of interdependencies between different infrastructures, sectors and activities. He has led the development of different climate services in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, health…

Not available yet

The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction