Eva Boon




To which areas of REACHOUT will you contribute?

Contact person of CAS for WP1; WP2; WP5

What are your hopes/goals for REACHOUT?

1) to support the city hubs in their next step towards climate adaptation, 2) to contribute to the european knowledge-and-tools base for adaptation and 3) to explore how monitoring and evaluation can benefit climate services devleopment processes and outcomes


Eva Boon (Msc)(F) is advisor and researcher at CAS and focusses on the co-production of methods and tools with users in the field of climate services for adaptive delta management and urban adaptation. Eva combines working in CAS projects with a PhD research. With her research, Eva aims to better understand how successful climate services for adaptation can be produced and evaluated. She is especially interested in what success means for different users and contexts: what works when and why? At CAS, Eva works on a variety of projects in the Netherlands, including the maintenance of the National Portalon Climate Adaptation and the development of adaptation planning tools for municipalities, provinces and the National Railway organization. Internationally, Eva develops (online) trainings on climate services and adaptive delta management for Bangladesh in support of the implementation of the Bangladesh DeltaPlan 2100.

Not available yet

The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction