Sadie McEvoy




To which areas of REACHOUT will you contribute?

WP 1 and 5, supervising the research on Climate Resilient Development Pathways

What are your hopes/goals for REACHOUT?

To understand how climate services can support the design of Climate Resilient Development Pathways for European cities and to make inroads in developing those services.


Dr. Sadie McEvoy is a researcher and climate adaptation specialist, who works on adaptive planning and decision making under deep uncertainty for water resources, coastal areas and urban spaces. Dr McEvoy’s work focuses on the involvement and representation of stakeholders in planning and decision making. Dr McEvoy is particularly interested in how evidence-based and data-driven tools and methods can support stakeholder involvement and representation in climate adaptation planning. She has experience with Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways, Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis, and the Climate Resilient Cities Toolbox, among others. Her work looks for how the data, models and processes used in planning and decision making can be socially inclusive and support climate justice. Dr McEvoy has worked on climate adaptation and water management projects across the world. She is currently on the board of the Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty, an expert in the Policy Task Group for JPI Ocean’s Sea Level Rise Knowledge Hub and is Chapter Scientist and Contributing Author for the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, Working Group II, Chapter 13 (Europe).