Adaptation Catalyst​

The Adaptation Catalyst (AC) tool supports local decision makers and planners to explore system performance under changing conditions in uncertain futures. Where existing planning and asset management practices are based on optimizing the system for a static future scenario, the AC is a tool to explore changing pressures on the system and a variety of actions and timelines. 

The AC tool: 

  • Allows users to explore the tipping points of a current system and adaptation measures. 
  • Economic performance of investments are easily ‘stress tested’ under  different timing and  pressures on the system.  
  • Exports adaptation pathways to the generator tool 
  • It can be used with fully quantitative model results or expert judgement. 


End users

  • Municipal services & departments​ 
  • Asset management & planning departments​ 
  • Other Stakeholders 

Added value

The approach acknowledges that while not all decisions can be made now, they can be planned, prioritized and prepared for.