Adaptation Pathway Generator tool

Tool description

The Pathways Generator Tool (PG) develops pathways maps to define the solution for space and allow comparison of alternative pathways into the future, via evaluations of costs, benefits and co-benefits. Together, DAPP and the PG have been used for flood risk in Miami, water supply in San Francisco and coastal flooding in Aveiro, Portugal, among others.


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Benefits of using the tool

It allows decision makers to consider longer-term implications and path dependency of near-term decisions to avoid investment regret and lock-in as the uncertain future unfolds. It uses ‘tipping points’ based on bottom-up vulnerability assessments and defined with stakeholders to ensure that system performance is maintained under a variety of futures. It can be used with different levels of analysis from qualitative expert judgement to quantitative modelling results

City Hub experiences

Cork is working with this tool for adaptation to floods (in connection with developing Climate Resilient Development Pathways).

Triple-A phase

The tool can be used in the following Triple-A phases:

  • Ambition phase: The PG Tool supports the mapping and visualisation of the solution space
  • Action phase: The PG Tool can help decision-makers to identify, evaluate and prioritize the best pathway alternative


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More information at

Download the executable onto your computer to start using it.

Brief manual to help navigate the Pathways Generator.

Learn more about Adaptation Pathways here and here.


The Pathways Generator complementary tools are Community Flood Resilience Support System and Climate Resilient Cities Toolbox.

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