Assessment of Risk management capabilities​

This tool is used to guide review and/or self-assessment of risk management capabilities. Originally developed for the purpose of the country peer review under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and adapted to different scales such as regional and local ones, the tool can assist the authorities in assessing where they stand with adaptation & disaster risk reduction and identifying major gaps or opportunities for improvement. The tool addresses all climate-related hazards & risk or a selection of thereof and is useful to assess progress made in risk governance, planning, coping capacity and recovery from climate related shocks. The tool is meant for local to national authorities, action groups, civil society organizations or other organized groups contributing to climate adaptation & disaster risk reduction strategies and plans.  


Benefits of using the tool

Within the city hub context, this tool can be applied and used as a part of collaborative inclusive assessment of initial conditions or progress made on adaptation in urban context. The tool stimulates shared learning and knowledge sharing, awareness building and extensive dialogs/consultations.

City Hub experiences

The tool has been tested in the context of 10 Italian cities including Milan. 

Triple-A phases and complexity

The tool can be used in the following Triple-A phases:
Analysis phase:
– assessment of adaptation & disaster risk reduction (DRR) capabilities
Ambition phase: 
– collective review of progress made and monitoring of achievements on climate adaptation and disaster risk management
Action phase:
– identification of gaps and opportunities for improvement of climate adaptation & disaster risk reduction strategies and plans

Overall level of complexity: Level 1 (Ready-to-use light approach)