Community Flood Resilience Support System (CFRSS)

The CFRSS aims to support communities in risk assessments for coastal flooding and selecting and evaluating appropriate response strategies. It can do both a full risk assessment using multiple scenarios as well as a ‘What if’ analysis for a single storm event. Impacts can be calculated as economic damages (based on land use classes and depth-damage functions) as well as number of assets (houses, roads) hit. It offers fast calculations that allows users to explore different sea level rise and solution scenarios. ​ 

  • The CFRSS facilitates the development and evaluation of  Adaptation Pathways​
  • Commissioned by the US Department of Homeland Security​ 
  • Developed to be used in cities throughout US transferable to other cities in Europe​ 
  • Can be used in combination with open street map data.

End users

  • Decision & policy makers 
  • Municipal services & departments 
  • Adaptation practitioners, planners & researchers 
  • Stakeholders 

Added value

Integrated tool for development of flood risk mitigating strategies  


  • Equity weighted impacts​ 
  • CBA of pathways