Design Years for climate resilience buildings​

Typical design years (TDY) are used extensively by building scientists and engineers to study the performance of their designs, help compare design alternatives and ensure compliance with regulation.  Nowadays, Typical Design Years (TDY) are based on historical observations, however building and infrastructure designers are being required by their clients to demonstrate how a proposed structure will perform under a future condition in different geographical areas. 

It provides bias adjusted daily temperature typical design years at any location in Europe for different periods.  

  • The user can select a city or specific location as well as the future period (whose central year could be 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, 2070, 2080, 2090).  
  • The interactive live plot displays a tuple of historical and bias adjusted future temperature design years for the different selectable periods. Both can be also downloaded 
  • The projected monthly relative changes for other CMIP5 variables are also provided. 

End users

  • Overall coordination of the construction / work (architect, developers, etc.)
  • Building Engineers
  • Researchers of other disciplines interested in design years information for decision-making

Added value

  • Available at any location in Europe.  
  • Past and long projections: past 30 years (1981-2010), next 90 years (multidecadal data)