Riverine floods are among the most damaging extreme climate events in Europe. Insight in the direct damage as result of fluvial floods allow for cost-benefit analyses on adaptation measures. However, current methods for assessment of flood protection infrastructure investments (e.g. dikes) are not widely available.  

The GLOFRIS model can calculate risk for both coastal and riverine floods. It shows that under different RCP and SSP scenarios investments in dikes may be economically feasible for large parts of the world. The model can be used in regions to identify whether river-flood protection investments should be prioritized or where other risk-reducing strategies should be prioritized. The FLOPROS database gives insight in river flood protection standard on a global scale.  

End users

  • Regional policy makers 
  • Climate change researchers 
  • Real estate investors 

Added value

  • Compatible with RCP and SSP scenarios 
  • Offers insight in economically feasible water risk management investments 


  • Vulnerability estimates need frequent calibration 
  • Address compound events ​ 

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