Risk Prioritization Matrix

Identifying the key risks of climate change is not always a straightforward thinking process. It requires city departments to engage with local city stakeholders to assess both physical impacts and sector-based impacts of climate change. This process requires working together and objective prioritization.  

In order to identify the key climate risks, cities can use a risk matrix to assess severity and probability of priority impacts. Severity and probability are assessed for the purposes of performing action prioritization under climate action planning only. The key climate risks are linked to the most impending impacts that are expected to occur in the future. The risks that are both likely to occur frequently and cause severe damage, deserve specific attention in a climate action plan. 

End users

  • City stakeholders​ 
  • City departments​ 
  • Sectoral representatives​ 

Added value

Allows for a structured overview of the risks. 


Could be developed in an online/interactive tool to support remote sessions​