Sector-based impact diagrams

Based on an analysis of sector-based impacts, draft impact diagrams can be set up. These diagrams present a simplified, visual summary of current scientific knowledge of climate effects and climate consequences in a city. The diagrams help to gain more insight into opportunities and risks and may kickstart the search for additional knowledge or collaboration partners. ​ 

An impact diagram can show how the different hazards affect a city’s natural, social and economic capital. Some impacts will be far-reaching, others will be less so but are perhaps more frequent. There may also be cumulative or knock-on impacts, both within and between sectors. As these diagrams are simplified representations, they are consequently incomplete. Nevertheless, they offer a useful starting point for a joint approach in taking climate action. The concept of these impact diagrams was first presented in the Dutch National Climate Adaptation Strategy (2016).​ 

End users

City stakeholders 


Added value

Gain insight into the opportunities and risks of climate change for your own field of work or problem. 



Gain insight into the opportunities and risks of climate change for your own field of work or problem. 


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