Thermal Assessment Tool​

It provides an interactive and informative dashboard to show the magnitude of extreme temperature events. It allows users to visualize the frequency and severity of risk events related to cold snaps and heatwaves. The tool also presents an interactive map and a time series visualization identifying the magnitude of the three variables. This reduces the need for repetitive complex climate data analysis, thereby saving time and effort in the decision-making process. It is currently based on Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) datasets (ERA5 and CMIP5). 

End users

  • Public health and urban planning managers
  • Climate change researchers
  • Other stakeholders to complement their usual information systems with additional quality assured insights that they can act on. 


Added value

  • Interactive map that allows to select different levels of aggregation: municipality/region
  • Past/future and seasonal time series identifying the magnitude of different variables/indicators 



  • Developed for Spain, but could be extended to other regions
  • ERA5 reanalysis currently considered, but national Meteorological stations or e-OBS dataset could be added.
  • GCM (CMIP5) projections are considered but CORDEX projections could be interesting to be included. 

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