REACHOUT workshop EURESFO: Climate Services for Policies and Decisions for Climate-Resilient Development

The REACHOUT project kicked off at the European Urban Resilience Forum EURESFO in Valencia, setting the stage at the market place for dynamic interactions between practitioners and the climate resilience community.

On the 27th of June the “Climate Services Towards Better Informed Policies and Decisions for Climate-Resilient Development” session featured a brief presentation of the REACHOUT project. This was followed by an engaging dialogue with REACHOUT cities, where they shared their experiences and insights on using the climate services developed under the project.

With around 30-35 participants, the session divided into breakout groups. REACHOUT partners reflected on various topics including:

  • How ambition is set for climate adaptation planning and developing climate services and its relevancy
    the frameworks and tools employed by practitioners.
  • Ways to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of climate services aiming to enhance their practical utility in supporting climate-resilient cities and communities.


There was a high level of discussion and engagement with a vibrant exchange of ideas and mutual learning among all attendees.

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The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction