Triple-A Toolkit

This Triple-A toolkit aims to enhance the resilience of European cities to climate change through a comprehensive and flexible set of resources tailored to local users. This allows urban planners and climate adaptation practitioners working in cities to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, prioritize adaptation measures, and develop effective adaptation strategies for cities. ​

The toolkit brings together stand-alone tools, guidance, fit-for-purpose visualizations and tailored climate services to engage policy-makers with Triple-A climate adaptation tools, which cover all steps of the adaptation cycle (summed up by the umbrella terms ‘Analysis’, ‘Ambition’, and ‘Action’) to provide cities with the necessary resources to accelerate urban adaptation to climate change.​

This Triple-A toolkit has been developed based on the inputs from the 7 city hubs included in the REACHOUT project, where different tools have been tested and applied to support different urban challenges. Through climate stories we provide insight into the benefits of climate services in these city hubs and how they can be applied in other urban areas.

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Not available yet

The climate story of Gdynia​

Short summary: A story about Jan and Maria during extreme precipitation.

Theme: Flooding

End user: Citizens

Link to the story: under construction